Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | April 17, 2013

First Delivery to Water Wolf

We made our first delivery to my newest consignment outlet in Saugatuck, MI today.  The shop is opening in about two weeks with the goal of a grand opening over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Today I delivered a turn-off-the-century ladies dressing  table with my handmade papers on the top. It will get some glass cut today for the top and then be delivered to the shop along with its dressing table stool. I can’t say too much about the new shop  just yet, per orders of the owner, but let me tell you I am SUPER excited about this. Saugatuck is a tourist community that has an amazing number of visitors each summer. This is really going to be an exciting opportunity for me.

I’m told that this tourist destination hosts between 300,000 and 500,00 visitors in a given year (depending on the weather and special events) which means many opportunities for exposure and selling.


Dresser after – but  just before glass is cut and positioned.

This is the first of many such deliveries since I am taking a lot of large furniture there and do not have a big trailer. (sigh). but its exciting non-the-less. I apologize for bragging, but I have some great hand=painted furniture ready to go in this shop.


This is a close up of dressing table painted in ASCP Coco and Graphite, one of my favorite “neutral” combo’s. The knobs are replacement ceramic pulls from Hobby Lobby. Isn’t that beading on the front lovely?


Looking downward onto the handkerchief drawers. You’ve heard this many times before but it is so true….they don’t make furniture like this anymore!


I found this stool at a country auction and recovered it in a canvas material.


This is the dressing table the day I brought it home. Quite a change huh?


For sale through Water Wolf, Saugatuck, MI.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Very beautiful, Donna, and the papers make it yours alone.

  2. Leslie, thanks so much for noticing! Using the papers is a lovely touch but caused a bit of a headache…as no two sheets are the same thickness so their is a LOT of variation in the overall look AND the seams show…. Hence the extra $55.00 cost for glass! Live and learn!! LOL!


  3. This piece looks beautiful. I was wondering if you used just clear wax on tha coco paint or a combination of both clear and dark. Thanks

    • Karen, That dressing table has dark wax on it straight over the paint. I know that using dark wax without using clear wax “breaks the rules” so to speak but this is my particular style of working and its how I work probably 75% of the time. I’ve been doing it long enough to know exactly how the wax will react on each chalk paint color. I personally love the look of dark wax over chalk paint and how it darkens and ages the paint color.

      Thanks for your compliment and for reading my blog.

      • To the best of my memory yes. This was done several years ago and I have done many, many pieces since. If you have any doubts take a unpainted board and practice both ways. Then make your decision. I have done this with almost every paint color I own on old chunks of 2X4’s “test” boards!

  4. Thank you so much for your quick response. I actually like trying new and different ways of working with chalk paint. The possibilities seem endless. So to clarify you went with straight dark wax on both the coco and the graphite? I just love the look and want to replicate it on an old pedestal table and chairs for our kitchen. Thanks again for your help with this. Happy painting.

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