Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | May 14, 2013

Deep Cleaning the Porch

Our three-season porch is like our summer big screen TV. We read, eat, listen to MI radio, take naps and watch the birds from our porch, no real TV’s allowed.


The old cabinet holds a jam box, bird books, a crock collection and some artwork.  


The back view of our three-seasons porch from the garden.

So this was a not very exciting but necessary kind of day…I thoroughly cleaned the three-season porch. This is where we live during non-working hours from now on out until it gets too cold.


A small seating area, with a glass on a crock table, sits in the west corner of the porch. 

It always amazes me just how dirty an unheated porch can get over the winter months. Because we live in the country, we get a lot of spiders and where there are spiders there are cobwebs and egg sacks. Ug! Vacuum those up. And because we use this as our “family & friends” entry point everything from the outside gets dragged in through here.


An old metal sewing base is transformed into a glass top tables in between two butterfly chairs.

And the seven sliders, what a repository for leaves, pea gravel, dirt, sunflower seed hulls…suck them out and into the compost bin they go.


A lazy-susan, holds a rotating collection of stones, driftwood and other collectibles.

It took me almost a full work day to clean it to my satisfaction but it’s done. I am walking around in my bare feet and it feels and looks clean.


Crocks and metal junk enliven a chippy wood bench.

Time for a nap!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. We are rebuilding our screened porch and extending it here in Orlando. I live there. Overlooking the tropical gardens and pool, it is the most tranquil place on earth to me. I had not thought too much about decorating it until I saw your post and ideas. Mine, just by a different nature, will not be the same. But you have certainly given me something to think about. Thanks.

    • Glad to be of service. Lol. Your tropical theme seems to be so peaceful and inviting to me.

      Most of my furniture etc. came from our former art gallery and were display pieces move over to the porch (wood cabinet/sewing machine base with glass top/corner table). My overall house theme is vintage ecletic (sp?) because my husband and I met mid-life and remarried so our house is furnished with a mix of “his & her” family pieces. My house is a mid-century modern 1940’s ranch so anything goes, I guess. We’re retired and on a retirees budget so as much as Id like to buy new from time to time, when I create a new room, its not gonna happen! I always wanted a daybed for napping on the porch but settled for my longer chair with footstool!! has many visual ideas too. Enjoy the process!

      • Thanks I will 🙂

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