Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | June 8, 2013

Sealing the Porch-Making it Shine

It’s been ANOTHER big project week at the small house.

This week I cleaned and re-sealed the cement covered porch floor and egress pad at my studio. I never would have thought to do this except when the builders finished my 950 sq. ft. studio in 2001, they sealed the cement and I loved how it clean and fresh it looked so I’ve kept it up.


I’m very fortunate to have this lovely open porch on the rear of my art studio.

I’m a person that believes in maintenance and keeping the value of my property up, so I think it’s smart to protect my porch floor from the harsh Michigan elements and I seal this cement every few years.


This is the concrete sealer I use on my cement porch this year.

Originally I used the same sealer the builders used but this time I used a professional grade concrete sealer that my husband bought at Menard’s. On a fixed retirement income having even a 10% off of every purchase and then an additional 11% off every six weeks or so every six weeks comes in real handy to balance the budget!

It’s not hard to do this kind of work but it takes a bit of physical labor, somewhat like painting a room. First Gene blew the porch off with the leaf blower, then I came in with a vinyl cane broom and did a very thorough whisk broom type sweep top to bottom, followed by another thorough sweep with the shop-vac.


You can see the difference in the color of the sealed from the unsealed floor. This sealer turns a blue until it dries.

Then I rolled on the milky liquid sealer using a long-handled paint roller with a sponge roller. I applied two coats, using two  buckets of sealer for my particular project. I could have gotten away with just one bucket/one coat, but I figure most of the work in this project is in the preparation, so I did two coats to make sure I coated every square inch.


The back porch is now shiny, sealed and protected.

Now the porch is cleaned, sealed and ready for its furniture and a special “Arts & Eats” studio open-house I will be hosting come October.

The next post will show you my studio porch all set up with furniture for the summer!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


  1. Love your house

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