Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | June 27, 2013

Thursday’s Garage Sale Treasure’s

I have a new summer system, just tested out today. If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I live in a very rural SW Michigan community. We have to drive elsewhere for anything. That can be expensive and quite frankly a big pain in the you know what. (Sigh.)


Building up my inventory for the big October sale at White Oak Studio.

Thursdays is our day for the local Farmers Market in Allegan County. Today I decided that Thursdays will be the day I drive the ten miles into Allegan to the farmer’s market, run errands AND to jump starts the garage sale weekend. Today after the market I just fell into two great and unexpected sales.

I had no ideas that sales started here on Thursday! And next week I’ll be taking along my camera too.

I picked up a few nice pieces and left my business card on some VERY nice vintage dressers and a great old style wooden office chair – that chair was an absolute deal at just $30.00 but more than I  usually pay. It’s so hard to walk away. Sigh.

Now quite frankly $75.00 is too much for me to pay to buy, paint and resell an old dresser but they had not one but four great dressers, the old wooden office chair and a couple of small tables. I left them my card and said, “I can’t pay this price for resale, but if after the sale is over, you want to offer me a deal on the whole package, let’s talk then.” We shall see what happens next.


I just love to do some photo styling using my vintage furniture and linens.

I set everything up on my three-season porch parlor table for the photo shoot. If you want to know more about the painting of this pie-shaped topped table you can see the details here.

I’m buying items now for the big Art & Eats weekend, October 19 and 20th in my studio space in Pullman, MI. I plan to have lots of vintage treasures to sell that weekend. You can read about all the events details here.

In the meantime look at my great finds…

All glass storage jar with lid $2.00

A newer but still a great storage jar for just $2.00

A newer but none-the-less lovely pitcher that will either serve lemonade at a family gathering or hold cut flowers for $4.00

And look at this Pelouze scale….that I bought for $2.00. Some Internet research suggest that this is an antique kitchen scale, 1900-1909. This is the purchase that thrills me the most! I adore this chippy goodness and clock face level!


Pelouze scale manufactured by Pelouze MFG, Chicago, Il.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. I like your blog (And that linen is so my color style!). I Had been thinking about doing the Arts and Eats tour this time around myself. I may have missed the deadline now though. I’m pretty busy on a constant basis and can’t win them all I suppose. Lol. I’ll be your newest follower 🙂

    • Thanks Denise. Welcome to the small house under a big sky. I’m not sure what county you live in but this is my first year to do the Art & Eats tour. Yes, the deadline has passed. That same things happened to me last year. They don’t do a real good job of promoting way ahead of time.

      I’ve heard various reports of number of attendees, but there are at least six other in my area who will participate so I think that will help our numbers overall.

      Hope you enjoy the blog!


  2. Love everything in this post! My heart beats fast for rusty scales 🙂 Angela, A to Z Custom Creations

    • Thanks for visiting Angela. I’m new to your blog as well. Can you believe I scored those scales for just $2.00? (partially makes up for those time I paid too much for something.) Now I have to figure out what is the right price to price them at for the big fall sale. I’m thinking $20.00?

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