Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | July 11, 2013

Craig’s List Walnut Bed Score

I found this gorgeous walnut bed frame on Craig’s list for a friend.  It was listed at just $75.00.


The after image of the restored walnut bed.

I tried to talk her into letting me paint it but that was a no go.  (Can you imagine?) The wood was in really good shape so I gave it a good cleaning and did a bit of restoration on the finish.


A close up of the lovely carving on the footboard.

My husband first glued the side of the leg that was cracked. Then I helped her out by refurbishing the antique headboard and footboard using Howard’s Restore-a-Finish and Howard’s Wax and Conditioner.


A medium shot of the headboard. Look at that gorgeous walnut grain.

Isn’t that walnut grain beautiful? Didn’t it turn out well? Can you believe she only paid $50.00 for the head and footboard (no metal frame or mattress.) She put this in her guest bedroom and painted the room around the colors of her bedspread. The dark wood against the soft aqua blue painted walls looks wonderful.

Now that is what I call a real Craig’s List score!

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