Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | July 28, 2013

Dog Gate Turned Garden Accent

When a friend asked me if I wanted her old dog gate I jumped on it. At one time I’d had a wooden single bed headboard in this spot but it had weathered and rotted. I see a lot of wood in gardens out there in blog-land, but in Michigan they don’t last long.


Dog gate turned garden accent in the Small House herb bed.

Because this gate is sturdy and metal I figured I could make this work. It was on its way to Goodwill anyway so I was up to the challenge.

I decided to leave it white because I have two other white garden arts items (a metal sundial and a metal stand for climbing vines) and white would stand out against the green herbs and brown railroad ties.


The dog gate did not have any “spikes’ to allow me to push it in the ground, so we converted it using rebar which would allow us to stake it into the ground.  We simply spray painted two pieces of metal rebar using white Rustoleum (that we had in our stash repurposed from a company going out of business.) Connected the rebar to the gate using clear, plastic, weather-proof tie wraps.  Cut the extra length of the tie wrap off and you hardly even know that tie wrap is there.


If you look closely you can see the curled rebar snug against the gate bar and the tie wrap holding it in place.

Next year I’ll plan some kind of climbing plant there, maybe even something that flowers.

Easy peasy project and fun!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Nice! I can see a clematis climbing this gate.

  2. Great idea, I remember that.

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