Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | July 30, 2013

Office Turned Massage Room

I painted this vintage vanity and stool almost two years ago and planned then to turn it into a desk for my office. As a result, I’ve been trying to sell my old metal corner office desk from a previous business. I’d had a number of interested parties but it seemed no one would make the drive to my rural home. At last, I finally I sold it this week.


My little desk corner now.


My big, metal, corner desk “before.”

This lead to a major reorganization and cleaning project in my small office! I transferred all of the office supplies and file folders, moved the old MAC monitor I use for business income and expenses and wiped everything down for the big sale.

Then of course I thoroughly vacuumed the rug, wiped down the walls and gave the linoleum flooring a good wash. Then time for my favorite activity…move furniture around.

My goal was to find a new home for the big desk and making room for a massage table. I’m a student of Reiki energy work and need a quiet place to practice and to give treatments. This room, though small, has all the necessary elements I need as it is located at the quiet end of the house, near an entryway and a bathroom. I already have the table, sheets and pillow, I just needed space!

Now I have everything I need, a vintage dressing table turned desk, a stool and a side chair and just enough space to walk around the table. I still want to figure out a piece of art for the wall above the desk but that will come.

Oh happy day!

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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