Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 1, 2013

Two Stool Makeovers

I’m always looking for attractive and smaller items to transform. I’ve noticed that stools are a hot collectible of late as they are both functional and pretty! And, I happen to adore them. Here are two stools I recently painted.


Two stools made over using ASCP Aubusson blue chalk paint

STORAGE STOOL: I found this storage little stool with an old leather top at a resale shop for $8.99. I painted this stool in ADCP Aubusson blue chalk paint waxed it in CCC aging crème. Although at first I planned on recovering it with canvas cloth, I decided after leaving its feet natural wood to put the brown leather covering back on. The leather is not in that bad of shape and I just like it this way.


Both stools as plain Jane’s, “before.”

I imagine this piece at one time was the seat for a sweet grandma’s sewing machine.

SHOP CLASS PROJECT STOOL: On the same day I also painted this little maple stool made many years ago in a Junior High Shop class. I know for a fact that this stool is at least 45 to 50 years old.

I get so many requests so for teal and lower price points, I am endeavoring to supply both of those requests.

Stool Collage Crazy about stools. jpeg

Don’t know why but I am just crazy about stools!

Sweet and simple.

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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  1. Your stools look great! Thanks for the sweet comment on mine!

    • You are welcome Holly. I thought it was just funny that we both worked on such a similar stool at the same time. Small World! Any idea how old this is?

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