Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 2, 2013

Studio Attic Purge

This week was a big clean up and organizing week in the art studio attic. It’s not all that exciting of a post I guess, but the cleaning up of the horrid mess up there made me feel SO good I just had to share it. Honestly this space was so filled with boxes, bags, plant fibers and papers (and of course good junk) you could not walk through it before.


Not the most attractive photograph but you can see how the attic is peaked with the exterior shape of the building.

I was exceptionally fortunate when I built my studio in 2002 I was able to choose extra high peaks in the attic to give me more storage space and the ability to walk around up there.


It’s pretty hard to get a good photograph with such poor lighting but you get the idea.

But after more than ten years of storage up there I began to feel like a pack rack. Packaging and plant materials had spilled out of boxes and was spread out all over the floor. I had gotten lazy over time and started shoving things up there without any kind of reasonable organization. It was one huge disaster. Just knowing this mess was up there dragged me down. These materials were all left over from the years the art gallery was open.

I had been frustrated when I wanted to locate something or just walk through from one end to the other. I was also worried about it being a fire trap. Also when you get to be age 62, you do think about the proverbial “what if.” What if I die and my sons have to deal with all of this? I don’t mean to be a bummer, but being of a certain age, this does begin to creep into my conscious thought.

So after offering the boxes, bags and papers on Craig’s List over a period of three years, and getting no response, my dear hubby and I spent a very hot, but very satisfying Sunday emptying that space out. We purged, sorted and cut up the boxes for recycling. We took three big truck loads to our townships recycle station before we were done. Some items will be given away and some will be offered for sale at an upcoming open house.

The following week I took about 6 large bags of plastic bags to our local library for re-use with patrons and their books. They are always thrilled with my old but clean plastic bags and I am overjoyed that they are truly being recycled.

I can’t describe how much lighter I feel now that the space is organized and clean!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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