Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 14, 2013

Oak Shelf / Side Table Unveil

When I found this side table it was painted teal. The color itself was quite pretty but it had been done quickly and haphazardly using spray paint. Not my style! Because the piece is constructed with rock solid oak, it’s stable and heavy duty and I know it will make someone very happy with its transformation.


You can see the shape of the top backsplash and the distressing of this side table.

I wonder if this might be lecturn but it doesn’t seem tall enough to me for that. It also has an interesting cutout design that I’d like to know more about. If you have any additional information about this piece, I’d appreciate knowing.


The interesting side cutout design.

I chose this because I wanted to round out my collection of dresser with some smaller, simpler pieces with lower price points for the upcoming open house.

I decided to transform this shelf using a neutral color to paint it sweet and simple, I chose Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint with clear soft wax on top.

The top needed to be sanded and primed with three coats of Zinsser to create a super smooth surface. I painted it in ASCP old white chalk paint, and this stand took three coats due to the open oak grain. The spindles were a bear to paint too. I will remember both of those memories the next time I consider a piece like this!


The “Before.” This small shelf unit would be perfect for an entryway, a bathroom or next to a bed.

After the paint was dry I waxed this piece in clear soft wax and did a light distress so the undercoat of blue could show through.

The dimensions of this piece are: Height 31″ X W16″ X D 12″

This piece is for sale through White Oak Studio Designs.

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  1. Very nice and such a useful piece too. I feel the same way about spindles!

  2. Thanks B. Those spindles are a pistol. Hopei can remember that the next time I am faced with a piece with them!

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