Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 18, 2013

Catmint and Fieldstones

Gene and I worked outside in the garden the most of yesterday.

My catmint plants have completed taken over our driveway turn-around garden bed. They have filled out so thickly they actually block our ability to walk up and down the sidewalk. I love their lavender blooms and silver green foliage and they look lovely in my free-form county garden but I do want our company to be able to walk up our sidewalk!


The turn-around garden bed with grass dug out-step 01.

Walker’s Low Catmint is the perfect plant for us here on the Oak Savanaugh Forest. They are drought resistant, they grow into a very pretty rounded form, they bloom almost all summer long and best of all, the deer don’t eat them. That makes a winning plant anytime in my garden!


The catmint has completely grown over the sidewalk. It’s very pretty but not functional for us.

But we can’t walk down the sidewalk and something must be done and soon…..So here’s my plan.

  1. Enlarge the boarder of the turn-round bed to accommodate their growth. Done/check
  2. Add bark chips for now to keep the weeds in check. Done/check
  3. Then in the late fall dig up the catmints plants, divide them into three small plants each and replant them in the newly cleared out border.

Within two or three years they will fill out again in all their splendor and create a lovely silver green and lavender mounded boarder, which should be a very pretty addition to this perennial bed.


A much improved pathway from our driveway turnaround to our “friends & family” entry point.


The newly expanded flower bed with grass dug out and fresh bark chips put down.


A “long view” of the turn around bed all spiffed up!

Fieldstone Juggling:

While I dug out a 15” wide patch of grass, I also turned over and repositioned the field stone edging that had sunk considerably into the soil. And I brought a number of stones from the wooded stone bed so that more of the boarder stone were equal in size. That small task cleaned and freshened the turn-around bed up a lot too.


This fieldstone pile has painstakingly been collected for many years.

My working in the stone pile prompted Gene to separate and reposition the remaining stones while looking for smallish ones. He took those small stones over to the drain pipe located on the east side of our ashphalt driveway to try to correct the erosion problem we are having there. When it rains hard the water flows off the higher roadway and down our grass to the drain pipe and takes a lot of soil with it.  This is not good.

We are hopeful this small change will improve its flow and allow the intensity of the water to perk more slowly without robbing us of good soil and causing all the ruts that have to be continually refilled.


Storm run-off is the single greater problem in soil erosion.

Next project? Complete the  other side of the same boarder. In a garden as big as ours, work is never done and the garden is continually a “work in progress!”

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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