Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | August 18, 2013

The Trellis Switch Out

About seven years ago I bought two trellises with the intent of planting two climbing hydrangeas at my studio space porch. Because this space is often used for public events, I’m always thinking of creating privacy between my home and the studio space, both of which reside on our five-acre corner lot. Our dining room, bedroom and kitchen overlook the part of the property that my studio is on and i am always thing about the future use.

Also I know in the back of my mind that I might someday rent that space out or even subdivide the land and sell it as a small houses so I am thinking ahead to that possibility.

Five years ago I finally bought two climbing  hydrangeas with the thought that they would climb up the studio roof pole and create both shade and a kind of secret garden.


If you look closely you can see the trellises that flank the back door entry located on the mid to left hand side of my studio porch overhang posts.


A close up photograph of the hydrangeas in their bed covered with bark chips.

At maturity, climbing hydrangeas are very heavy and need really sturdy support. I’ve seen the Mother Tree at the nursery where this baby was propagated and she is giant! So I know, however small these babies currently are, they too have a history of big growth in their future too. This Mother plant is some 50-years-old and about 50 ft. in height!

Now 5 years later, the day for trellis has come. The climbers are not yet to the top of the existing support but they are doing very well. And with garden items being a seasonal thing, and the price of everything going up and in many cases doubling, I went ahead and bought two more trellises this week for the pole barn hydrangea. Just planning ahead!


The two new trellis are plopped up against the pole barn for this photo waiting for Gene to find the time to permanently attach them.

The new trellis are 63″ long and 19″ wide and are made of wolmanized (treated against rotting) wood.

The two news wooden trellis’s have small birdhouses on them so this is the reason for the big switch out. I’m nor so crazy about the “cutesy” little bird houses but no matter, they will eventually be covered in green plant material.

I’ll move one plain trellis from the pole barn that matches the two of them already in use at my studio. Then I’ll switch out the two with the birdhouses on them to the pole barn for the newly planted climbing hydrangea. The older one will eventually hang horizontally all the roofline screwed into to the posts. Confused?

It’s like plants – I’m forever digging up plants and shrubs and moving them other places where the light is more suited to them.  Guess trellises are just another metaphor for plant in the White Oak Acres garden!


This older trellis now resides in the front of the pole barn but will soon be moved to the studio.


The trellis’ are now in their final resting place, one on each side of the pole barn security light pole. The new hydrangea is planted and will eventually spread and fill both trellis’ and the sturdy light pole too.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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