Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | September 15, 2013

Small House Fall Fireplace Mantle

I rarely decorate my fireplace mantle for the current season. I am just too busy, I prefer to decorate the out-of-doors anyway and, if I am totally honest with you, I stink at seasonal fireplace decorating. I haven’t been able to figure out why as I am a visual artist and decorating usually comes naturally for me.

My beautiful picture

The mantle vignette with mini pumpkins added.

I’ve pondered this problem a lot. I don’t think the fireplace is the issue, I think it is me. While I am not thrilled with the unpainted oak paneling, I do like the generous space of the mantle but somehow I have trouble layering it without it looking cluttered. There is just something about this particular fireplace mantle that continues to stump my designing abilities.


I know that my fireplace is old-fashioned, out of style and needs updating (though it does suit the Mid-century style of our home) but that’s not the real reason for its decorating difficulties.

My beautiful picture

Lightly distressed candle box with mini pumpkin.

But this week I spotted this simple, round, willow wreath at Hobby Lobby. And it was one half off, so I bought it with my fireplace in mind. Then I decided to face this silly fear of mine head on and step-up to create a fall fireplace mantle.


First I decided to work within a theme that is both vintage and colonial to go with the items I have in my collection. I also knew I needed to work around my husband’s black power gun that is permanently mounted above the fireplace with his hand-forged steel hooks that he made in his blacksmith shop. Then I gathered my favorite Michigan Pine chalk painted green candle box, my favorite Way R green kitchen scale and my two vintage old-brass oil lamps. I also added a small wooden cutting board I recently bought for vertical interest and a berry box.


No matter how “fireplace challenged” I might be I figure you cannot go wrong with these great vintage and antique treasures!

This is how it turned out.

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  1. I think you did a wonderful job–lots of visual interest, but not cluttered at all.

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