Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | September 17, 2013

Postcards from the Wilderness

The call of the wild rang and we answered…Brenna WSP Collage w text 2013

Highlights from our adventures at Wilderness State Park this year.

Most September’s my husband and I like to take a short trip and camp in the 10,500 acre Wilderness State Park. For those of you not living in Michigan this is a spectacular wilderness camping area located right on Lake Michigan and is one of just ten International Dark Sky Parks in the world.

This trip can be a real nature immersion experience and for those who want it; one without cell phones, television, technology, electricity and indoor plumbing or water.

We rent a small rustic log cabin that comes without electricity, indoor plumbing or indoor water and really rough it for our four nights there. We do have a wood stove in case it gets cool or it rains and an outdoor water pump. The price is right and the location and view is outstanding and the cabin we like is located just within steps of glorious Lake Michigan.

My beautiful picture

Our three chairs on what I named, “The Patio” overlooking our Lake Michigan beach.


This UP like shoreline boosts rocks, reeds, and beach grasses.

At our age sometimes the primitiveness of it can be a bit challenging if the weather is cool and wet but this year we had the most outstanding weather; warm, sunny and balmy with nice cooling breezes blowing in off the lake.

This year we took our four-year-old city dwelling granddaughter and loved this unique opportunity to expose her to the natural world in a deep, deep way. Waterfowl, hawks, insects, bats and the lake are a big part of the experience for us. We hike, explore, kayak, sightsee, play cards, beachcomb and generally just sit, breath in and watch nature. It’s quiet, private and we love having the beach all to ourselves after Labor Day.


Nothing can match the beauty of a pristine wild grass beach.

This year we cooked most of our meals over the wood fire pit or the camp stove, and sat up late on the bluff watching the twinkling lights on the Mackinaw Bridge. It’s lights out by 8:30 this time of year because its dark outside so then we read by flashlight and spend a lot of time in the bunk together cuddling and chatting.

My beautiful picture

Our rustic log cabin is nestled in the woods but just steps from the beach.


Brenna and our dog Sassy snuggling in the sleeping bag.

I know that we only have a few more years before school begins and these trips will end but for now, it’s a wonderful experience we can share with her – one that money cannot buy.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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