Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | September 24, 2013

Visiting Grandma DJ

I am playing Grandma DJ this week and I am loving it!

grandma DJ and Brenna 2013

All of the photographs in this post were taken by Grand Rapids, MI, photographer Jenn Q.

Yes, it makes life very hectic keeping a very b-u-s-y four-year old happy and fed. But it is fun and we are making some terrific memories for us both. You also won’t hear much from me this week as I try not to be on-line when my granddaughter is awake.

tree left ballons right

Plans for our week… beach time, a library visit, art making time, hot tub time, harvesting vegetables from the garden and apples from the tree and lots of reading books.  Plus a lot of old-fashioned unconstructed playtime at home.

Unbrella black and white kick water

I’m an old-fashioned grandma and I think the best gift I can give my granddaughter beside lots of love and home cooked meals, is the gift of time to just be a child while she is here.

Arms around legs

Hope you enjoy your vacation with grandma, my darling girl!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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