Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | September 29, 2013

Small House Three-Season Porch Fall Decor

I decorated another section of my home this weekend. This time is it my three-season porch doorway where most family and friends enter our home. It’s kind of unusual I know, but  we have two front doors on our ranch home to decorate as well as the three season’s doorway to decorate plus front and back of the studio, if I decide to go all out. That’s quite a bit to decorate!

My beautiful picture

Welcome to the Small House Under a Big Sky!

My beautiful picture

A fall vignette with found items and some lovely pumpkins.

This year I decided to “double duty” with my decorations. By that I mean use the pumpkins, mum’s, a copper boiler and a vintage wheel barrow at my home and then move it to the studio for the open house weekend. After the open house, I’ll move them back. It’s a lot more effort on my part but helps to decrease the cost.

My beautiful picture

  1.  I love this vintage cart with its verdigris patina. This was a $7.00 flea market find.

I don’t do a lot inside my home for the season but I sure do love to decorate the outside!

My beautiful picture

I enjoy the rustic nature of these decorations.

Because this is west-facing porch entry area that is heavily shaded by the ranch style overhang on our home, I got up early this morning to photograph the set-up in the soft early morning light. I have always liked the early a.m. light in my photography so this worked well.

I hope you enjoy these images and even find them inspiring!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Your keen expertise of creativity reflects the beauty of nature again. Thank you for the nicely displayed pictures.

    • Thanks Doug. I always like to create, no matter the medium. I am very grateful for a body and mind that still cooperates!

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