Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 2, 2013

Hydrangea Blossoms Falling From Heaven

This is the countdown week for our first October studio open house. I had wanted to do some really special decorating in the studio but lacked the materials. I also need some inspiration fast…


The working pile of hydrangea blossoms. sitting on the studio porch table.

Then today before yoga on my cardiac walk, I stumbled onto a large pile of pruned hydrangea blossoms and all of a sudden I had my theme and materials all in one. These had been set out for composting during the city pickup day so I quickly stuffed my Subaru with the longs stems and arrived just in time to take my 90 minute yoga class.  The Universe provides-thank you creator for this symbol of abundance!


The studio window boxes decorated using hydrangea blooms and a pumpkin. 

I unloaded them on my round porch table and set to work. I filled vases, copper pots, a nail keg and created several flower box arrangements. My studio is decorated. I’m a happy girl.

After both events everything will go into my compost bin. This is recycling at its finest!


The White Oak Studio in the early morning fog as I worked today on the open house decorations.

I hope you can swing by, take a country color tour and enjoy the festivities this Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5p.m. We are located at 907 52nd St., Pullman, MI at the corner of 109th Ave and 52nd. if you are plugging in your GPS our zip code is 49450.

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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