Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | October 30, 2013

Small House Front Porch Makeover

Today I changed out my front door with a new look for fall. My goal was to create a pretty front door area decorated with a fall touch. This look should last me through the start of our Michigan winter snow season.


My current goal is to spend NO money and work with what I have on hand. The Indian corn and white pumpkin was part of the decorations for our fall studio open house a few weeks ago. More here:…use-snap-shots/


I removed my summer asparagus fern and bird house and changed it out for this white Cinderella pumpkin, my fall leaf wreath, the antique corn dryer filled with multicolored Indian corn and a buttermilk crock filled with dried hydrangea blossoms for height. (I sure got a lot of mileage from those free “roadside rescue” of hydrangea blossoms didn’t I?)


I totally adore the blue number 3 on this brown and cream-colored crock!

My porch is actually more of a “stoop” – just a bit wider than a regular size door frame so space is quite limited but it is fun to decorate just the same.


The front of the Small House in its fall color scheme.

It seems that everything looks good against this salmon colored paint that is called Chili Power and is made by Benjamin Moore. I choose this color because it coordinates well with the faded salmon colored Indiana limestone that covers our home.


An overview of the Small House in the fall color season.

I hope this little touch welcomes you to my home. Ring the bell and come on in!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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