Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | November 7, 2013

Rainy Day Camera Play

I’m embarrassed to admit it but I’ve had my new Cannon Rebel 600 D since early 2013 and my life has been so crazy busy this year that I haven’t had a block of quiet time to experiment with it. I regret now that I wasn’t able to capture the gorgeous autumn colors we had enjoyed here in SW Michigan.


I was so busy painting furniture, getting ready for the big fall open house and all my regular chores inside and out, I set the new camera up, put in the battery and card and then never found the necessary couple of hours to read the manual, watch the video and generally figure out how to make the thing work. Can you believe it?

Well, today at last I did play with this camera. It’s a rainy day in Michigan and I can’t rake leaves and I am waiting for the contractor to arrive, I planned a bit of time for my photography. The contractor will be caulking our tub and sink (my husband hates to do this chore so it always looks like a five-year-old caulked it-sorry honey) and to talk about ideas for built-in bookcases next to our fireplace.


Gene’s bathroom with the old point and shoot camera.

I think also, if I am totally honest with myself, I was afraid of this new camera and of failing with it. This is a definite short-coming I have… a fear of new electronics. At age 63 and a bit dyslexic, I’ve just never felt comfortable with the new technology. I struggle and I struggle to understand how these things work.  It’s like I am working with an item made on Mars for Martians.

This bathroom has always been quite difficult to capture as it has no true window, is painted in a medium gold-tone paint and this room is just plain dark. It looks to me like the new Rebel is letting in more light even in “Automatic” mode.

bathroom window wall jpeg

The bathroom using the new Cannon Rebel 600.  Not only is there more physical room showing due to the lens, My perception is that there is more light coming into the lens.

I also photographed our bedroom, another difficult-to-capture room. All images have been photo edited using PicMonkey picture editor.


Our bedroom using my old point and shoot digital camera.

Bedroom armiorwalljpeg

My bedroom using new Cannon Rebel camera. Quite a bit lighter right?

It’s really kind of crazy too since I’ve been studying photography and taking pictures since I was in my 20, having taken some 30 hours of courses at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and a week-long photography course at The Maine Photographic Workshop School. I was even chosen as the Indiana Dunes Artist in Residence based on my photography but these were in the era of film, darkroom and personal manipulation of film, lenses and filters.

Granted, my area of expertise was people portraits and landscape photography (not furniture and accessories) however ask me to teach black and white infrared film use, image transfer, color slides or most any film type and I’m good to go but digital just gives me the willies.  I know aperture, film speed, lighting, portraiture and more and for goodness sake I took newspaper photography and sold my work for almost 20 years. It’s probably all just a lack of confidence. It’s probably all in my mind and quite unnecessary.

In spite of these fears, I’ll be taking my pictures with a new camera and lens and I hope my photography will slowly improve. Stay tuned!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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