Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | November 14, 2013

Blue Sky and Sunshine at The Small House

Yesterday the weather in SW Michigan was a very cold 40 degrees but the sun shone bright and blue all day to compensate. It was stunning!

Brick lanter, house, tree blue sky use

One of our majestic White Oak trees that provides much of the shade for the front of our home.

I took a short break from our gardening chores to snap some photographs of The Small House with my new camera.

House 109th, oak, interesting

Our home faces south on 109th Ave. This is a pro and con kind of thing; pro because the warm sun heats up our home on a sunny winter day and we rarely get snowed in. The downside is the noise we hear from the busy AA roadway.

This is a lovely and rare time of the year when our majestic White Oak trees are leafless with their lovely and strong bones shining through. I think you know just much I adore the shade that these leaves provide when in their full glory.

Front view very nice

But our one-hundred-fifty year old oak trees are also pretty dramatic too when those leaves are down. Those oak leaves now grace the paths in the 15-acres of woodlands behind our home where we walk our dog and help to keep the briars in check.

Meadowside, pines and trees, nice

The side meadow bordered by the drainage ditch and our wood lot to the east.

Do you know the Celtic myth behind the White Oak tree? In this ancient belief system oak trees were felt to be sacred beings and provide a secret portal to the underworld.

Bird bed, blue sky, garden cart

The bird feeding bed garden under a brilliant blue sky.

To me these giant oaks are living, breathing sentient beings that are alive and as a gift to us; clean our air and provide us with shade and deserve to be protected. I am truly grateful for every living tree on our property!

I’m pretty pleased with the results of my photo shoot. Please enjoy!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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