Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | November 22, 2013

Small House Studio Tour

I thought it was time to do a White Oak Studio Tour update.

If you’ve been following my blog for long, you realize that I’ve written before about how fortunate I feel to have been able to design and build my studio building in 2001 when we moved to our current home. While I was obviously on a budget, I chose to create a 950 sq. ft. building to house my art studio and a gallery.

Door chlak board are aclose use

Welcome to White Oak Studio Design!

I elected to create the interior to hold an art gallery on the outside of the space and to place my work area on the inside of the rectangular space. It is imperative to have eye contact with customers as they walk through the front door.

In any workspace lighting is an issue which I solved using track lighting with daylight bulbs to give directed light in the gallery space and fluorescent in the ceiling lighting over my papermaking studio area.

I was creating handmade paper from plants that I grew here on White Oak Acres then so I planned a sealed cement floor with a floor drain to capture any major water splashes. I chose a poured gray river rock flooring (made using real pebbles) for the outside gallery space and bathroom.

Being a commercial building I met code with a 8 ft. X 5 ft. barrier free bathroom space too. I carved out a tiny “kitchenette” as well.

Today this building houses my studio. The former gallery space is now a showroom where my furniture and paper canvas’ reside.

Here are some photographs to take you on a virtual tour of my rural studio space;

Sideboard wall nice light use

The south wall display includes a hand-painted sideboard with end tables, a globe and others repurposed items – all for sale.

Blue white dresser looking down

A hand-painted three-drawer dresser painted in chalk paint.

Side and back porch

An outside view of White Oak Studio Designs. I love my open porch!


Front view of the studio in the spring months when shrubs are blooming.

Jars close use

A vignette of vintage game pieces in vintage glass containers that are for sale.

Workspace use

The command center and workspace of the studio.

Sewing form andtable nice

A vintage dress form, treadle sewing machines and painted stools.

Ochre table display jpeg

Two-tone ochre painted  table with a walnut top.

Looking toeards bathroomj peg

Looking along a side wall towards the “Power Room Gallery.”

Red,white,black bookshelf jpeg

A painted bookcase.

South Wal ljpeg

South Wall display of handmade paper canvas’ and other items.

I’m always open by appointment. Thanks for stopping by!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. What a lovely workspace. It really is beautiful and of course the open porch is lovely.

  2. I am blessed! Thank you Bridget. I love your blog. We are studying permaculture and want to adapt more of those tenants on our land. And I shared it with my husband just yesterday.

    Married to the land…I bet you really get that!

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