Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | November 30, 2013

Our 18th Wedding Anniversary

“Take care of all your memories… For you cannot relieve them.” Bob Dylan

Eighteen years ago today Gene and I were united in holy matrimony. It was a joyous, mid-life love affair.

We found we share a love of family, nature and the out-of-doors, dogs, bird watching and gardening. Our courtship was spent dancing and camping. I sure wish I had our courting and wedding photographs scanned to share! Instead here is a photograph taken of us about thirteen years ago and one yesterday on Thanksgiving Day.

donna 014 Lamberti University

Gene and I, then and now.

It’s kind of a miracle really, as I was married the first time at age 19 and was married for 24 years until it fell apart. I was devastated as I had been married longer than I was single and I did not want to be single. And, having serious endometriosis, multiple surgeries and a sketchy work history as a result, I was not at all sure I could support myself and my home.

Starting over at age 45 was not easy. But as I grew, I made the decision to wait until I met my true partner.  Then a friend introduced me to Gene and a year and a half later she stood up with us as we were married.

Like all marriages, it’s been a rough ride at times, but we have both committed to put our marriage… not our own needs first. “What is in the best interest of our long-term marriage,” is our mantra.

Love is a choice.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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