Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 5, 2013

A Magical Photo Field Trip

One of my personal goals this fall was to practice more with my new camera by taking more photographs. I really enjoy taking photographs and sharing them. I call the results of such field trips, Small House “Photo Essay’s.”
Glenn Shores Beach landscape

North facing view of this Lake Michigan beach on an early winters day.

This week I was able to visit a very magical beach not far from my home. This beach shall remain nameless since it is located in a private gated community and I want to respect their privacy. I have been given permission to walk on this beach for which I am very grateful.

Balancing on water

This giant boulder appears to be floating in the water.

The day I visited Lake Michigan was gray, drizzly and overcast which made for some very interesting photographs with a background that melted into the horizon and are barely there. This I like!

Snow on rock-frosting on the cake

Like frosting on the cake this snow adds a lovely look to the magic rocks.

I don’t know why these unusual rocks ended up on this beach. I am “assuming” it was a fact of nature brought on by the glaciers who moved these rocks along. At no matter their origin, these large rocks are very rare in this part of the state and on our beach which I feel is very enchanted.

Watermarked rocks wave comingin use

My favorite image of the photo session. I love the water worn watermarks on the rock to the right and the waves coming in.

Enjoy the visit!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. What is it about water that draws and soothes the human soul? Love the rocks too.

    • So true! We are very blessed to live but 17 miles from beautiful Lake Michigan. Now if we can just protects its water from horizontal fracking that is coming to our state….

      We are in our time of winter rest here in the garden…

      I’ve been thinking of your yard…you took our the plants and soil. What are you planning to put there? Post soon, okay?

      • Maybe we will just have a big open space there! The pond needs rejuvenation so things will radiate out from there I suspect.

  2. Beautiful rocks, and lovely thoughts, too. ~Angela~

    • Thanks Angela. Since the garden is sleeping with its snowy covering, I find myself moving inward this time of year. Solstice coming soon!

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