Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 23, 2013

Conserving Rather than Consuming

“Because a sustainable future depends on the people willing to see the truth for what it is, and for those to stand up in unison in order to make a difference.” — Jake Edwards Keli’i Eakin

I choose to be a conserver rather than a consumer this Christmas.


I choose to put my money into high quality, organic food for holidays meals for my family rather than shiny new gifts that last a few months and then break or are set aside.


My husband and I do buy a few small things for each other and place them in our Christmas stockings. I asked for a back scratcher, a new water bottle and small, personal comforts like lavender body lotion.

We are also buying each other new Patagonia long underwear and for the house, our new kitchen pan cupboard. The cupboard will hold cookie sheets, platters, trivets and cutting boards and free up an entire cupboard to move pans around in our currently overflowing pan cupboard.


My needs are simple and I’d rather have my chicken coop built and my chickens or in this case the new pan cupboard instead of anything most else anyway. Nowhere to wear diamond earrings in SW Michigan anyway!

For me, the pleasure is in choosing and giving as much as in receiving. His stocking will hold yoga pants, Smartwool socks, couple of DVD’s  and a few personal care items.

This time of year we enjoy the simple things….the twinkly lights, the Winterberry holly and greenery, the pinecones in an old crockery bowl, driving around to see the lights at night. We purposefully choose to buy nothing else that just isn’t necessary. At our stage of life it is “needs” rather than wants; a new house pump, and a new water heater not a big screen TV.

We are content.

Small House/ Big Sky

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