Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 29, 2013

Deep Cleaning the Small House

In the “olden days” Spring Cleaning was the thing. Outdoors went the rugs for a hard beating and walls were washed. But when spring rolls around I’m off to work on the garden, so I clean the house in the winter months. I call it deep cleaning.


My own deep cleaning approach is a different one. It’s a boring chore but a necessary one for my psyche, so my evolving system is to deep clean one room per week. This year Wednesday is that day. It’s a s-l-o-w- system that might drive some crazy but I get pretty bored cleaning day after day so it works for me.  I create a list and tick if off room by room.


I also touch up any marred or scratched paint on our walls during this same timeframe. Some people just prefer to repaint every 5 to 8 years but I like to just keep up with it so I don’t have to look at walls needing paint. It’s a pretty quick and easy process, and finding the right color of paint takes me longer that the actual paint and clean-up work.

Luckily my home is fairly small by American standards, i.e. Small House Under a Big Sky, with just 10 rooms including two hallways, porch and no basement so by spring the inside is squeaky clean once again.


And, I wait until spring to thoroughly clean and set-up the three-seasons porch –that takes most of a day just to do that.

I’m a neat freak, what can I say!

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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