Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 30, 2013

Small House Kitchen Tweak #1: Before and After

I found the sweetest; tall and narrow bookcase for my cookbooks and crockery collection and placed it in the corner of my kitchen this week.

Top view best

The cabinet with a few of my brown crockery collection in it.

At first I wasn’t crazy about the crackle paint and texture when I spotted in the store but I knew chalk paint could solve almost anything. When I got it home and placed against the wall it looks like it was already painted perfectly for my space. The gray/green color tone already on the bookcase is a perfect match!

Cabinet closed 2

The corner before the new shelf.

Cabinet after cookbooks

The vintage music cabinet “before.”


The kitchen corner in context to the kitchen cabinets and dining room. (This is an old photo before the new granite counters and dining room corner redo.)

The walnut stained music cabinet was a piece I have had for years and was placed in that corner when we moved here 13 years ago and pretty much forgotten. It was time for an update!

Corner all entire

The narrow corner of my kitchen next to my pantry with the new-to-me bookcase.

Now, I am certainly aware that  “matchy matchy” is out right now, but I like that the shelf paint color blends into the wallpaper instead of standing out.  My home and the kitchen is more than busy enough for me as it is. With the soft blending of colors there isn’t more clutter to confuse the eyes.  I may paint this piece someday if I get tired of the existing color but not right away.

Photo looking down

I added my cookbooks and a few pieces of my brown crock collection and I am a happy girl!

Front curves and large bowl

Isn’t the curved top apron of this piece pretty?

This is the first of three small kitchen tweaks that I have planned for this winter. Stay tuned for tweak #2 and #3!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Perfect!

    • Thanks Boyne. I’m happy with it too Happy New Year!

      • and the best to you and your family for the coming year also!

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