Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 2, 2014

Taming the Clutter in Hobby Area

We are in the whirlwind of an organization tornado here at The Small House.

We are blessed have a generous sized room on the east side of our home that we call “The Hobby Room.” My cousin Ty gave it that name and it stuck. This space was a garage that a former owner converted to a living space. Like a family room, this room contains a couch and chair, a storage dresser, my computer table and Gene’s fly tying table corner. This set-up works well for us because I go to sleep early in the evening and Gene, who naps after work, likes to stay up watching TV or DVD’s and tying fly’s. I’m a very light sleeper and the noise of the TV in the living room would keep me awake but the TV in the Hobby Room does not. So we set him up with a small flat screen TV in his area.

Best corner shot jpeg

The “before” corner overview.

Fly tieing materials clutter jpeg

A close up of the table clutter. I shutter to even share this.

I don’t have any issues with the black and clear plastic stacking bins, and in fact I suggested he buy them to hold his fly ting materials. It’s the piles of things on top of the table and everywhere on the floor that bother me. Piles upon piles upon piles. You know how this stuff gets away from us.

I am a keep it clean and simple person where less is more and my husband is a major collector (to put it politely) where more is even better. As a result his personal hobby area has gotten out of control over the past 13 years.

table close jpeg

This is what happen when a collector lives in my home!

So we sat down this week and had a heart-to-heart talk and he agreed to clean up and simplify his space. Least you think he is a wimp; he also huge pole barn (i.e. man cave where he stores his stuff plus a nice size blacksmith forge) and I have given up any control in its state of affairs. I stay out, do not clean there, do not make demands and do not make expectations for its current state of affairs. Truthfully its a total disaster, but I keep my end of our agreement and keep my nose out of it.

Top of black bin jpeg

Piles, piles and more piles! This space usually also holds three or four Dewalt drill batteries, the charger and a drill or two too!

In order to keep the peace in our home, we have a mutual agreement; he is in charge of the pole barn and forge and I am in charge of the state of the house. Quite frankly, this is how we stay married!

However, because we are in the midst of the 2014 Deep Clean, I did agreed to help him with the cleaning and reorganization and to let him use the walnut music cabinet that I recently moved out of the kitchen to hold items – BEHIND closed doors!

Stay tuned. In a day or two we will unveil the “after” vision of this corner.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. Good luck with the tidy up. Very best wishes to you and yours for a great year ahead.

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