Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 3, 2014

Old Office Becomes Reiki Room

Ever since we moved here to the Small House our third bedroom has been my office.

When the realtor told us that the sellers had put a tiny closet in this room so it could be sold as a three bedroom house, I almost fell off my chair! A nursery maybe but a bedroom…what a laugh!

Anyway I immediately turned it into my office space with my old Mac computer, my old metal corner desk, two file cabinets and two bookcases using what I had on hand from our old house. It was never really functional and definitely not pretty but I made it work. And, I avoided that room unless I had computer entry work to do.

Needs change and a couple of years ago I needed a place to practice my Reiki healing. I needed to create the room I needed.

Full bed shot USE

Our third bedroom set up as a Reiki room.

I decided to change over the office into a Reiki room. I asked for and received my massage table for my combined birthday and Christmas gift. I used my Valentine’s Day gift of money to purchase sheets, a heating pad and scrounged up a pillow and two afghans to use as blankets.

Vertical bed and bookshelves

Bookcases hold heating pads off season, books, essential oils and candles.

I painted a $10.00 vintage garage sale vanity for a small desk and a couple of odd chairs for seating and the room is good to go.  I also dug out a couple of $2.00 vintage flea market lamps and added new red shades for subdued lighting. The room is painted in a medium-toned soothing green with a washed-oak linoleum flooring underneath, covered a thick and patterned rug in greens and reds that coordinates with the adjacent room.

Desk wall

Vintage dressing table turned desk in corner and seating area.

It’s a fact of life that the massage table is going to be seen from the adjacent parts of our house so I chose red for the sheets to coordinate with the red and green in the vintage dressing table and the adjoining “Hobby Room”  with its red accent wall. I figured if it’s going to be seen I can at least make it coordinating!


Metal corner office desk just before it sold.

It’s still not perfect. It’s still crowded with office needs but at least I can walk around the bed and make it work, sort-of. The room is still small but it is near a bathroom and the back entry door, both good things for clients who want to feel like they are coming into a professional setting. Its in the quietest part of the house and easily accesible from our driveway turn-around. It will do.

I now have a joining office/Reiki room that is practical and though it is not perfect…it is not beautiful it IS usable. My mantra these days.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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