Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 6, 2014

Small House Kitchen Tweak #2: Counter Stools

When we updated our old kitchen counter a couple of year ago, adding granite counter tops creating a bar area, I brought over some wooden stools from my studio work table. I ordered cushions on-line and thought we were good to go.

But when my 6-foot-tall friend, Greta sat at the counter she told me that my stools were too high. Sigh. So I started looking on-line. I almost lost my breath when I saw that any of the counter stools I like were $199.00 per stool. And, I needed at least four. Gasp.

So not going to happen!

After that, I put new stools out of my mind and thought the person who sits on them will just have to grin and bear it. Then one day shortly before Christmas while looking at a local thrift store I stumbled upon these metal bamboo Chippendale style stool and they were half-off. I knew they weren’t the absolute best style for my home but they were just $12.95 per stool and there were five of them? They have a substantial size seat and the color wasn’t half bad for my adjoining rug colors. I couldn’t say no.

5 stools at counter

Typical bamboo Chippendale style stools in counter height.


Our bar “before” with old studio stools and cushioned tops. This looks good but unfortunately was not a functional height.

Single stool

Bamboo style legs and metal top.

Stool top looking down

Metal mesh top in a kind of neutral, crème yellow color.

I might paint them a forest green to pick up on my colors but we shall see.

What say you…should I have passed on them?

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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