Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 12, 2014

Organic Seeds Ordered


Last years tomato plants shortly after planting.

I ordered my organic vegetable seeds today.

Full garden pines fence best

Our fenced in vegetable garden, in early winter. Maple leaves obscure the log lined beds.

We are now one step closer to spring and to our 2014 vegetable garden. This year I ordered all organic seeds from Territorial Seed Company I’ve ordered from them the past four or five years and have been very satisfied with their seeds and service, But this is the first year I ordered all organic.


Territorial Seed Company’s retail banner from their website.

Obviously it is more expensive to go all organic but with every passing year I am more committed to my goal that our food be ALL organic, local and GMO free. As I have mentioned before, I believe we pay now, or we pay later (in ill-health and medical bills.)


Our basil plants in pots on our deck from last summer.

And being on a fixed income, and aging, I do worry about a medical emergency wiping us out so I am willing to spend my time and energy now focusing on the healthiest foods possible, exercise and yoga and meditations. These for us are forms of “life insurance.”

I ordered snow pees, snap beans, kale, chard, carrots and sunflower seeds; these are plants that do well here in our sandy soil and in Michigan’s short growing season. Through the years I’ve ordered and planted various other vegetables, with limited success, but now stick with those that do well here. Anything I cannot grow, I buy in season from our local farmers market. I have a few seeds saved from last season, like my heritage runner beans that I will plant when the ground is warm enough.

I have a general idea of where I’ll be planting specific seeds but won’t draw a physical layout.  I have my new raised beds, bordered using too punk to burn wood chunks I gathered last fall from the woods.  I will plant based on sun and shade and my previous years experiences.

I would like to have raised cedar beds, but if I wait for that to happen one of us will be in our grave. (Yes, my husband does not get projects finished fast…) This short-cut will also allow Gene to focus on completing the chicken fencing and building the chicken coop.  I hate to make it public knowledge, but I’ve been waiting for the coop two years already…sigh….Sure wish I could find someone willing to barter labor for painted furniture or artwork….

Come on spring, I am ready!

Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. You are off to a terrific start with your garden. I agree, organic is so much better for you and is worth the extra cost. I wish you luck ion the chicken coop. I requested my hubby to make two special raised beds for three years now and I am still waiting. LOL

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