Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 26, 2014

Snow – Wind – Cold

We live in the snow belt of SW Michigan and this is what fills my days right now. Snow – wind – cold – shovel-shovel-shovel.

Snow chest high jpeg

There is chest high snow at The Small House right now.

Quite frankly it’s been a hell-of-a winter this year with temperatures and wind chills in the negatives. Every day now is based on how much snow we have and do we have enough energy to get it removed it all before the next storm. The piles are getting so high that the snow blower can no longer can blow the snow over them and poor Gene has to knock them down for the next days blowing. Then we cancel our days plans to drive because it’s a white-out out there and it is not safe to travel.

Driveway drifts

I am standing on the pole barn driveway looking back to the roadway and our home.

One small blessing is that we have had about three days of sunshine and each time I run outside and take some pictures which make The Small House look picturesque, like a postcard, but believe me we are living in the frozen zone. Talk about Doctor Zhivagoland.

Looking down driveway

I am standing in the road and looking back toward our pole barn where we park our vehicles.

My poor husband takes care of the two long driveways and paths using the snow blower and I hand-shovel off the two long sidewalks and the hot tub and hot tub deck. I fill the sunflower seed tray, and suet feeders and the squirrel two proof bird feeders and replenish the heated bird bath. I walk the dog, take out the mail and wipe off the mailbox and the LP tanks. But believe me he has the worst of the two jobs and at age 68 his back is paying for this.


The snow blower (both of them!)

Only 69 more days until spring…

From snowy SW Michigan, Small House / Big Sky Donna



  1. We are so tired of these cold temps. Our cows are sick of it as is my poor hubby. The kids have never has so many snow days:( Stay warm!!!

    • You too! I don’t mind the cold as much as I do the constant snow that I have to shovel!

  2. After the winter you are having, you’ll really appreciate those warmer spring days!

  3. Boy are you right! Another ten inches last night!

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