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Small House Flooring

In a country home the floors of a house take a real beating so flooring choice becomes a very important one.

When we moved to The Small House in 2000, the first thing I did was paint the ceiling and walls. Then I set about ripping up the old brown carpet and choosing flooring. I have no digital picture of the before look but trust me it was gross!

Dining Room carpet triangle jpeg

Area rugs visually break up the space under our dining room table layered over our linoleum flooring.

I seriously considered ceramic tile, a floating wood floor as well as hardwood floors. My budget was not all that large and I needed to find something in my price range that could stand up to two large dogs with heavy and thick nails as well as an outdoor lifestyle of living and gardening on a sand plain. (And between you and me… a husband that drags in enough leaves and sand that you would have thought he was a teenager!)

Hallway second hall USEjpeg

Another runner at the second front door to our home.

I prefer to have one single flooring type run throughout my home for a consistent look and have put oriental type rugs over them to protect the flooring from damage as well as virtually break up the space and create seating areas in my living and dining rooms.

Family Room carpet and floor

Our family room. The linoleum floor is not pink like it looks here but more of a neutral cream.

A visit to a professional flooring shop introduced me to a product called Amtigo. This flooring product was made of linoleum strips that have the look of a wood floor and being linoleum is a green product (no petro chemicals and no trees cut down for my vanity.) This was very important to me because as an environmentalist I have to walk my talk as well as wanting no off gassing to make us sick. (I seem to have an allergy to new carpet and carpet backing which shuts down my esophagus so I have to be most careful.

I love that this product came in three different widths and could be custom laid and glued down to make it look so much like wood that you would not know the difference but it has the wearability of linoleum and is easy care – just wash with water. I also made sure that the glue was not toxic for us or our dogs and no one suffered any effects from it.

Riverrock close up  jpeg

The Riverrock floor is made of real tiny pebbles put down using epoxy.

In the end I choose a poured Riverrock floor that runs from our front entry door, down our narrow hallway and out into the three season’s porch – the main entry and exit place for our home. Flooring type two is linoleum and this was laid in the main living space of the house (family room, office, bathroom one, kitchen, dining, living and second hallway.) A low pile carpet (in the same exact color toner) was installed in our two bedrooms at the far end of the house.

hallway rock and carpetjp eg

The runner at our main door entry on top of the riverrock flooring.

In order to have durability, compatibility and comfort we desired this means we ended up with three flooring types all in the same color tone that lightens and brightens our home while providing a nearly consistent flooring look.

Kitchen green runner on lino jpeg

The runner in our kitchen on the linoleum flooring. Note: that we ran the strips horizontally across the floor so that it did not give the appearance of a bowling alley.

I also put down oriental runners in various places to help an elderly dog keep from slipping and to give this dog more confidence on what she consider a slippery floor.

Seodn front door long rug usejpeg

It’s been thirteen years now and all three floors have worn very well. This was not the least expensive flooring type out there but all three have held up and still look great day after day. And as picky as I am about wear and tear, I feel that these floors have many years of wear to go. Ultimately I am happy with my choices.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



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    • Thank you for your kind words. I spent a lot of time researching and considering options. In fact, you made my day!

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