Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 4, 2014

Special Order Cupboard Update

My special order cupboard destined for the space above the fridge is now in at the kitchen shop and we have its install date scheduled for next week. YEA!

Stove wall horizontal best

This is the appliance wall in my kitchen. You can see the empty space above the fridge.

You may remember that this cupboard will be affixed to the wall, be divided and will hold cookie sheets, trivets, pizza pan and other items destined for vertical storage. The goals of this project are to better organize my kitchen cupboards and allows me to make my current cupboards more efficient. To see the former post with all the details here:

Trivets cutting board pile angled

This  stack of cookie sheets and trivets that I hope will fit in the new cupboard.

But first I have to get the interior dividers measured and cut. Since we are currently living in Doctor Zhivago-land in Michigan this winter. For lots of photographs of our intense snowfall amounts click here

Frying pan-lazy Susan cupboard

This is the “lazy susan” style cupboard that has been overloaded and began this reorganization process.

And the contractor wants to get the divider measured and cut in his heated workshop. (Can’t say I blame him.)

Glass containers cupboard jpeg

This cupboard has been reorganized and is functioning more efficiently.

I’m a very visual person who usually figures this out as I go. I’d just slide a pan in and work at it one at a time until they fits and it visually pleases me. What this means this time is that I’ll be hauling all my pans into the kitchen shop for measuring first. This will be a pain in the you know what, but I do want them to be right so it will be worth the effort in the long run to me. So I’ll pack them all up in printer paper boxes and haul them into town. And I’ll let the kitchen designer do the math after all that is what I am paying her for!

I’ve been saving for this cupboard for almost five years now so its been a long time coming. The fact that the heavy weight in the Lazy Susan cupboard was starting to shift the entire cabinet and starting it to break. This attempt to fix and stop the breakage helped this project to come into being.

Stay tuned and the photograph of the completed cupboard will be next.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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