Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 7, 2014

Revisiting the Small House Laundry

Laundry rooms are meant to be hard-working functional spaces but that doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty too.

I’m revisiting The Small House laundry room today now that I have a much better camera to work with and I can actually take a decent photo of this space. This room is definitely the command center for our home. It was decorated thirteen years ago and while it is not the most up to date looking room, it functions well for us and for us that is what counts!

laundry fro doorway long view use jpeg

Standing in my kitchen and looking into our laundry and mechanical room.

My laundry room is a true multi-purpose room that is organized by zones. It’s a long and narrow room, that is chocked full of built-in maple wood storage cabinets. This room houses my laundry wall, our hot water heating system boiler, a freezer, a floor model wooden vintage style drying rack and our dog food storage and feeding area.

I feel very fortunate to have added wall hung cabinets in maple wood that coordinate with those in the adjacent kitchen. These laundry wall cabinets hold detergents and supplies within easy reach. The vinyl countertop above the machines provides an ample folding surface while the wooden bar above the folding area holds freshly washed items on a hanger.

Clothes hanging rail

This is an often used drying area as I like to take most perma-press items out of the dryer after approximately 15 minutes to air dry.

This room is painted in a calming blue tone with gray accents. The gray tones came as a result of the variegated gray corner sink and the vinyl folding table top that came with our front loading washer and dryer.  I added a red runner with touches of the same soft blue as on the walls and a sheer white valance over the window.

In a house without a basement these cabinets are critical for storage. Our cabinets hold paint, cleaning supplies, dog food, towels, swiffer’s, detergents, iron and water, a broom closet supplies and so on. Anything that might freeze in the pole barn has to be stored in this room.

The washing machine and dryer are front loading model  from Sears with a vinyl and rubber countertop above the machines to provide a folding surface. This model came had bases that could be purchased but we had to pass as they were not in our budget. I had a wooden bar installed between two wall cabinets above the folding area to hold freshly washed items that are air drying.

Waher dryer w rug bestjpeg

This red runner adds a bold touch with an energetic and warming functional style.

A tall shelving unit wraps around the upright freezer and anchors the pantry wall of the laundry room and is outfitted with four bins in roll out drawers; two for dirty clothes and two for recycled items and trash.

Another corner holds a washtub for hand washing or pre-treating stains in clothing and dog dish washing.

Sink corner horizontal BESTjpeg

A corner “slop” sink with a tile back splash is functional and used everyday.

Our large drying rack holds wet towels, exercise wear and dedicates. This is used on a daily basis too.

I designed this room to multi-function and this room does just that. I also wanted it to have a bit of flair since this room is in view as you walk through my kitchen on your way to the main living area of our home. I achieved this bit of personality with the red oriental runner, some of my original artwork and a hand-painted ceramic plate of a rooster I picked up for just $1.00 at an antique sale.

I purposefully did not add jars of soap, laundry room signs and trinkets because I wanted a spare  and clean look and feel.

This room gets used every day.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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