Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 11, 2014

Same Space More Storage

It’s been quite a busy day in The Small House today. The above the refrigerator cabinet was installed this morning and this afternoon I emptied, clean out and reorganized all of the other kitchen cabinets so I could in a sense, start out fresh again.

I realized as I was vacuuming the insides it has been around 13 years since I had cleaned them. Not a record to be proud of.  They had gradually gotten over-stuffed and over-filled over time and just plain hampered my productivity. AND the lazy susan cabinet was being over taxed with heavy pans and was beginning to break down.

Guys both working good

The contractors working on the divided cabinet.

Mike kneeling good

Contractor Mike Kane working on the cabinet pulls.

This is the third remodeling project that I have use Mike Kane Custom Cabinetry and I can certainly recommend his meticious nature and fine craftsmanship. Just what I want in a contractor! Mike actually created the dividers for my cupboard from the boarding you find that is used as shelving. You can see more of his work on Facebook at Mike Kane Construction or speak to him at 269-944-7207.

I don’t have many cabinets and those that I do have need to be very, very organized in order for them and me to function well.

Cupboards half empty half full

This is our Tupperware cabinet. I keep organize this and yet its always a mess. Sigh

Fridge new cupbord enply use

The new maple cupboard is installed and just waiting to be filled.

Tomorrow I am planning a tour of The Small House Kitchen. Stay tuned and won’t you stop back in then?

Small House / Big Sky Donna


  1. Is’nt it great to get an area organised…makes for easier living. Looking good.

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