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Small House Kitchen Tour

The new cupboard above our kitchen refridgerator is finally in place and I thought it was time for a full kitchen tour.  You’ve seen some quickie shots of this room before but I have many new images to share.

Out latest kitchen tweak is the new above the fridge cabinet.

After verticlejp eg

The new kitchen cabinet is now installed and closed.

After horizontal filled

Pans, trivets and cooling racks are held by the new cupboard.

When you walk into our modest Ranch home you enter the front of our house through a somewhat narrow hallway. The hallway is paneled in bead board on the walls that make a wonderful backdrop for family photographs and a vignette of antique items. And of course the super durable River rock flooring on the floor in the cream, gray, white and terra cotta color tone.

Entry picture wall right hand side

A vintage push mower, a wooden candle box, and a wooden picture frame with a vintage print decorates the wall just inside our front door.

Our entry hallway is lined with IKEA picture rails on both sides that showcases our  family photographs and a mix of antique items on the walls  I’ve painted the hall in a light cream color utitlizing the color of the cream stone taken from the flooring. I take great care so that the almost closed in hallway does not look dark and gloomy.

Front entrypeach door shows use

Enter our front door here onto our riverrock stone flooring and oriental runner. Labrador Sassy was intent in guarding me.

Turning right you see our hobby room (a.k.a. family room), with a full bath off of that with our large remodeled and barrier free tiled shower. Next to that is my Reiki treatment room, then a turn left and you enter our light-filled open kitchen. This is a cook’s kitchen and I am a cook who really puts this kitchen to good use. After having a small, galley kitchen for 24 years in our Cape Cod, I love the open feeling, the spaciousness and the size of this kitchen. It’s always a pleasure to cook in it too!

Doroway into east side of house use

Turn right and look in into our hobby room, far left doorway to bathroom, door straight ahead is my Reiki room. At one time this space was a garage.

If you’ve been reading the Small House blog for long you know that our renovated Ranch home was constructed in the early 1950’s and the kitchen had been renovated by the previous owners sometime in the decade before we moved here. This home is constantly evolving and here’s the results of my mini kitchen makeover!

Dooay into kitchen use

Turn left and you’ll enter our kitchen (and then move into our dining area, living area and bedrooms side of our home.)

Island tight with towel bar

The matching maple island with butcher board top was here when we moved in but we added the wooden towel bar to its end to make it more functional.

We bought new appliance over the next few years and with our strict budget we ended up with black appliances from Sears. I looked at stainless appliances but they were way out of our budget. Living in a very remote area we also have to select purchases  that 1) Can be delivered here and (unfortunately many stores will not deliver this far out) and 2) That can be serviced in the future so Sears it is for us.

Stove wall horizontal best

Our appliance wall with a LP gas stove and electric everything else.

Horizontal kitchen overview use

Overview of our kitchen taken from the dining room. his was taken before the new cupboard was put above the fridge.

I’ve mostly tweaked this room adding upgrades in stages; like adding a simple  tile backsplash, the newish linoleum flooring, granite countertops and a double inset stainless sink. We are blessed to have a wonderful full wall pantry that holds a large amount of cans, packages and dry goods.

After horizontal filled

Newly installed cupboard with doors open to show the dividers.

This winter I added a large cupboard on top of the fridge to afford me more storage space. I toyed with an open cabinet to store my vases in but I really needed vertical space for cookie sheets, trays and trivets.

Our granite countertops are man-made and as a result are heat, stain and scratch resistent. Granite is a durable and versatile stone that is ideal for kitchen countertops, including this kitchen.

Pangry wall laundry door open use

Our pantry wall runs the whole length of the kitchen. You can see our custom linoleum flooring that looks just like wood but boosts the easy care and water wash upkeep of linoleum. And most importantly this floor can hold up to large dogs nails!

This is our wall pantry cupboard area that is behind three-pairs of closed French doors. At the far end of the panel of doors (behind the open door) is our laundry and mechanical room.) I love that the doors can be left open for light and heat from the laundry room to stream through. Or, I can the doors if we have company and the washer is going and I want to close out the sounds of the machines.

Corner all entire

A vintage inspired cupboard next to the pantry holds my cookbooks and brown crock collection.

Appliance garage corner vertical good

The appliance garage corner holds, and hides, a Cusinart, toaster and blender.

The matching island with the chopping block top was here when we arrived and I use it for dish towels, dish rags, misc. storage and notebook that holds printed out recipes.  This is a major work zone for me where I do a lot of mixing and prep work on this island using the marble cutting board on it.

Litchen overview best use no curtain

Island with butcher board top to the left and antique oak dresser ( for storage) to its right. (The day this photo was taken, I had washed the lime green valance about the sink so it is missing.) I like to use just valance at my windows to enhance the window without obscuring light. 

I added the antique dresser to the side of the existing island a few years ago for additional storage. This dresser had three drawers that hold linen napkins, candles and a single door that opens and a place for tall flower vases.

I keep thinking I am going to paint this island and the two small stools behind it  for contrast to the maple cupboards but haven’t quite taken the plunge yet. Maybe yet this winter!

Stool side of maple serveer

My husband like to eat his bowl of breakfast cereal on this island. Before stool painted.

Green Stool fter jpeg

After stool was painted.

One stool is now painted.

I like to create little vignettes using favorite collectibles and antiques. This corner holds an antique knife holder (used now to hold paper napkins) a metal water pitcher, an old canning jar holding pretzels and a wooden cutting board hangs on the wall.

Fridge cutting board best use

The counter between the stove and fridge has another cutting board top.

My kitchen sink looks out our lovely wooded back yard with huge White Oak trees and numerous flowers bed. I created a large bird feeding bed mid-way between the house and the pool that can be seen from whatever room we are in; our three season porch, our dining room and my kitchen sink. We love to watch the birds fly in for seeds and water there.  I can even see our beloved bluebird’s activity from the far side of our 5-acre property.

Ball jars good no glare

In the winter months I like to display pretty glass so that the sun shines through it. In the summer the shelf is bare and the windows are open.


Two nestled trays rest on top of my stove and are close at hand.


Another kitchen vignette bring me the joy of showcases vintage items.

This kitchen opens into our combined dining and living room giving us a large open floor plan to work with. I’ve added area rugs under the dining room table and in the living room to denote “areas.” I also placed a pretty oriental style runner in the kitchen main walkway and another is front of the sink.


The view standing in the kitchen and looking into the dining room. (Forgive the paperwork!)

Anything permanent like backsplash, flooring and countertops are done in neutrals.

Granite cutting board view use

Neutral tile in rear, neutral granite at the sink wall. I picked that oval piece of granite out of the trash and now use it for a cutting board! 

My kitchen is light and simple by design and I decorated it purposefully in a neutral color scheme so that the main effect is to showcase the colors and textures of the natural world bringing them into our home.  A soft lime green is featured in our wallpaper, rug, curtains and accessories with a bit of blue or dark brown is found in my crock collection, many of which are featured on cupboard tops, counters or shelves.

I also set up vignettes of various vintage items; a scale with an old crock, an old oil painting, with newer items like a large bamboo bowl, an artisan made clay pitcher and other lime green crockery and cookware.

Herb vingette

Another vignette of a vintage cake plate, herb tin (that usually holds a large honey jar), and two more modern piece in my lime green color.

Our light fixtures’ glass lights over the bar and spotlights over the sink, light and fan over the island are all original to the kitchen remodel  and while maybe not the newest of style they work just fine. Anything with fabric means more dusting and with open windows bringing in road dust that is something I like to avoid. Without a/c ceiling fans are hung throughout our entire home and they bring much needed air movement and cool air during the heat and humidity of the summer months in Michigan.

Bar vertical nice

Glass light fixtures hang over the granite bar area. I had the end of the bar tapered to protect my granddaughter from a point accident! Our large dining room picture window to the left of this photo.

It’s not perfect, it’s not even trendy but it’s comfortable and functions well and at my age that is a true blessing. I hope you enjoy the tour of our country kitchen.

Small House / Big Sky Donna



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