Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 13, 2014

Little Green Stool

Like me this little stool has a bit of a history and has been around the block a time or two.

Green Stool fter jpeg

Freshly chalk painted stool.

I bought this stool in a little antique shop about 30 years ago with paint on it. I stripped it but the wood was extremely dry, splitting a bit and the glue on one leg was loose. This is when I first discovered Tung oil. It replenished the wood quite a bit and for the next few years I kept it oiled from time to time.

Stool side of maple serveer

My island with two unpainted stools behind it.

But now I want it painted. And I want it to be green.

After a first coat of Michigan Pine chalk paint, I was quite surprised when the Tung oil started to seep through and in a not so nice splotchy way. I should have guessed that it would do that but in truth it surprised me.  I didn’t expect that to happen.

So I let the piece sit a few days so I could process what had happened and decide what I should do next. I was feeling torn between using my Miss Mustard Hemp oil or a dark wax. After a few days it quickly became obvious to me that using MMM Hemp oil on top of the paint was the right choice.

Part of my reason for painting this stool was to test this articular green paint in the Small House Kitchen. At some point I want to paint my kitchen island and I think I want it green. But after painting this stool and living with it for a couple of week, this is not the right color for my island after all. The green in my rugs is a more olive green than this paint and I just don’t like these two colors side by side.

Now I have no idea what color to paint it…Well, its back to the drawing board again!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


  1. After trying Kentucky Mint, Michigan Pine turned out to be the right green for my spare bedroom. Now I am in search for a more yellowish green for a chair at my kitchen desk. Kentucky Mint won’t do and neither will the dark olive greens that I have seen. Let me know when you find what you like.

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