Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 21, 2014

My Recent Hometalk Post

You may have read about our recent cabinet install and the subsequent Small House Kitchen Tour

You know that it’s Murphy’s Law  how every time you change one thing (or decorate one room) then something else nearby shows that it also need to be redone. Well I realized that after installing the new cabinet the open space along side of it, just looked unfinished and funny.  I also realized that we still have to do something about the large and odd-looking bulkhead and dated exhaust fan. The checkbook is empty and I don’t have the energy to deconstruct the bulkhead so no construction is on the horizon at this time but I still needed to do something about this awkward space.

Since I post on HomeTalk from time to time, recently I posted this question to solve my dilemma…

“How to tie in an above the fridge cupboard and an existing bulk head?

My kitchen was remodeled by the former owners and we just added an above the fridge cupboard for extra storage. (We are retired and will not be able to totally redo this kitchen or even this wall.) Normally you add spacers to fit a cupboard onto whatever is next to it. I am not sure if in this case, with the depth of the fridge that using spacers is possible? I “think” I can have a contractor build a wooden piece over the wallboard piece to cover up the metal exhaust fan but can there be a way to cover the open space and make it look good? There is no room for a cabinet on the opposite side…will this idea look lopsided or out of scale? How do I counteract this lopsided-ness?”

Appliance wall nice

I got many great ideas from the DYI to the extravagant. Most required a contractor, complicated constructions times and loads of cash. Also a lot mess and dust from the construction upheaval. This is just not for me right now.



Instead I created a new vignette of vintage treasurers by moving my painted candle box from the fireplace mantle and adding two granite pan tops on stands. This temporarily fills the space in a pleasing way and cost me nothing!

Candlebox close


It was quick. It was simple. I am happy.

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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