Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | February 26, 2014

Small House Family Room Update

I’ve been tweaking our family room this winter; moving things around, cleaning up area and rearranging decorative items. This side of our 2,oo0 sq. ft. Ranch-style home was once a large double garage and it now showcases our family room, my Reiki treatment room, a bathroom and a hallway between our front and back entryways, so you can imagine its size.

Family room wide angle good

An overview of the family room side of The Small House.

You’ve heard me say this before, but with five to six  l-o-n-g months of white snow outside my windows, I need some serious color in the inside of my home. The colors in this large room are cream, a deep red with sea-foam green furniture and accessories. Two walls are painted in the deep red color and the remaining two walls are a cream. The cream-colored linoleum flooring that runs throughout my country home is in this room as well. Thick area rugs of deep red, sea-foam green create focal areas; one under the sitting area and one under Gene’s fly tying/TV area.

IVertical done with chair

The fly tieing table wall. The table is an old oak computer table paired with my old office chair.

We created this room because we already had the family room furniture from our old home and so that Gene has a kind of “man cave” place to enjoy his evenings. I like to go to bed early and read and practice my Reiki and Gene comes to this room to read through his catalogues, work on his fly’s and watch TV or his fishing and hunting DVD’s.

Lamp pottery foreground interesting

Art, maps, and pottery help make this space personal and collected.

This room also serves as a sitting room for guests and family to have a bit of privacy or quiet when they come to visit and for our granddaughter’s play area where her table and chairs and her bookcase full of toys reside.

Brenna's table and chairs

Brenna’s play table and chairs with a maple wood top. These were a garages sale score for just $12.00.

As a fiber and hand-painted furniture artist I have collected the original artwork of other artist through the years. I enjoy supporting them financially as well as I enjoy displaying and enjoying their work on my walls.


My most treasured piece of art. This is the front of an exquisite hand-carved and hand-painted Dianna Box. Dianna is the Goddess of animals and this box honor all women who work to protect animals. This box was created by a West Virginia couple who works together to create extraordinary art.


The inside of the Dianna box. The wood burned dedication on the inside of the door reads; “Dianna goddess and protector of the animals.” The box has a copper backing, two pull-out drawers as well as a hidden drawer.

Fish bowl use

A hand-painted bowl of salmon by a Michigan-based Native American artist. Can you see the salmon?

vertical Genes family table

Family antiques are also used and enjoyed in this room. This is a walnut and marble-topped side table that once belonged to my husband’s grandparents.

Vignette maple table use

More art and candles vignettes make this room cozy and comfortable.

Dresser top vignette medium shot

A painted dresser becomes a storage chest.

Family Room carpet and floor

Linoleum easy-care flooring and cozy patterned area rugs add to the mix.

We enjoy this room and I hope you do to!

Small House / Big Sky Donna


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