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Small House Storage Pieces Do Double Duty

Small space decorating can be a challenge at times but there are options to help us make the most of our often limited square footage. I’ve learned some tips and tricks to maximize our Small House small-sized rooms these past few years by using furniture pieces as storage units.

Traditionally 1950’s ranch homes have very little storage. Built in’s would handle the storage job perfectly but being on a retirees budget built in’s are not always an option for us. Instead I look for furniture piece that help to increase our storage capacity without gobbling up tons of square footage. I especially like using bedroom dressers as storage pieces to hold pillows, candles and TP as well as linens while also servings as a sideboard or side table.

You can add storage to any room! Here is the ways I have dealt with this issue while incorporating many furniture pieces that do double duty:

FAMILY ROOM: A vintage oak trunk holds catalogs, family pictures, scrapbooks, albums while doubling as a coffee table. A vintage flour bin holds library books, notebooks and journals, pens, pencils and bookmarks, lip gloss, small packets of tissue and other necessary items in the drawer and doubles as a side table.while an old oak flour bin holds library books, writing papers and pens.

Couch wall use

A vintage flour doubles as a side table and a blanket chest doubles as a storage chest.

Oak chest close up

An old primitive blanket chest now holds magazines, family pictures and albums.


Another traditional dresser holds overflow items while providing visual interest and acting as a side table.

ENTRYWAY WALL UNIT: Entryway wall unit includes three baskets that function as drawers that hold hats, gloves, scarves and the base functions as a coat rack. In our small hallway/entryway.  The narrow bench also offers a convenient perch to put on or take off shoes near the door.

Coat rack horizontal use

Since we have a narrow entry hallway with no closet we use this wall hung cabinet and coat rack to hold coats, hats and gloves.

BATHROOM CABINET: I bought this cabinet for the bathroom to boost our bathroom storage. It came a pea green and I painted it to coordinate with my colors. The open shelves hold multiple bathroom needs while the two drawers hold soaps, ear candles, and the drawer hides bath toys and wash clothes used by our grandchildren.

Bathroom cabinet bestjpeg

Both closed and open storage makes a piece like this visually interesting.

MINIATURE CABINETS: These Mexican painted wood cabinets were likely intended as jewelry boxes which is just what they are used for. They hold necklaces, earrings and watches in my bathroom so hey are close at hand.

Bathroom little chestsjpe g

Made for extra storage in my bathroom.

KITCHEN BOOKCASE: A tiny, skinny shabby chic bookcase act as both vintage décor and display for cookbooks and part of my vintage crock collection. Squeezed into a tiny corner it fills a space that was empty and showcases my vintage décor as well as brighten an otherwise empty corner. I took advantage of all available space by using the top to holding my Bose radio that I listen to every day when I cook.

Corner all entire

Bookshelf and display cabinet in our kitchen.

KITCHEN ISLAND: Our kitchen island not only gives me a place to assemble food, The three drawers  it give me a place to keep kitchen towels and wash clothes, a marble rolling-pin, air fresheners and many other needed small items. The pull open section holds

WASH STAND: A vintage oak wash stand rolled up next to the island hold linen napkins, place mats, in drawers and flower vases in the pull open section.

Inalsnd and commode vertical

Maple island on the left and Oak wash stand on the right.

DRESSER IN DINING ROOM: I brought in this painted dresser with deep drawers to hold linen tablecloths, doilies, napkins as well as extra TP, candles and platters.


Maple Empire dresser with deep drawers hold a lot of items in our dining room.

My system isn’t perfect but it goes a long way toward organizing and holding what we need for our simple and sustainable life here.

Small House / Big Sky Donna





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