Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | November 4, 2014

Letter Regarding Michigan and the Environment

Do you care about the air, water and soil of our Michigan?

Michigan Land Air Water Defense


I am very concerned with the path that Michigan has chosen to take in regards to our environment which affects our quality of life and health.  I would like to list a few issues that have made the news in the past few years.  We have accepted Canada’s trash, dumping of petroleum coke in Detroit, poor monitoring of the Enbridge Pipeline leading to the largest inland oil spill in the U. S, allowing runoff into Lake Erie causing “blue green algae” or cyanobacteria, radioactive leaks into Lake Michigan from an energy plant, allowing record setting use  and destruction of fresh water to drill for oil, acceptance of low-level radioactive sludge from Pennsylvania oil and gas drilling (as a result of public outcry, the latest shipment was suspended pending review by the DEQ, but a facility near Belleville is licensed to accept this waste and has done so in the…

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