Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | December 13, 2014

Article on Injection Wells

Be-aware the Dangers of Fracking and Injection Wells

Michigan Land Air Water Defense

From MLAWD member Cindy Vigneron, Delton

Industry advertises and MDEQ proclaims deep drilling–whether for fracking or hazardous waste injection wells–is safe.  However, these glib assurances are based on the unverified assumption that deep rock layers are impermeable and well casings will last forever.

Respected geologists and engineers point out that long-term deep well integrity is a serious problem; well casings are nearly certain to fail sooner or later; some already have, creating the risk that injected hazardous substances, along with dangerous gases and radiation that nature had locked safely away from us, can make their way up from deep layers via geological anomalies and out of failed casings towards or into groundwater and surface air.

MLAWD board member Karen Fifelski understands this danger well.  “I’m a farmer’s wife and I see how fast cement cracks and crumbles, and I’ve picked enough rocks to know that the earth moves; that’s not helping…

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