Posted by: Small House Under a Big Sky Homestead | January 29, 2017

My DYI Chalk Painted Lampshade

My DYI Chalk Painted LampshadePosted on January 29, 2017 by Small House Under a Big Sky HomesteadI tried a little experiment today.I had a seriously discolored lampshade on a DYI lamp that I put together a couple of decades ago from an old canning jar and stones. I was visiting a hardware shop in Shipshewana, Indiana and purchased a DYI lamp making kit.I photographed this image so that you could see the cord set-up coming out from under the shade. That’s my handmade paper on canvas artwork on the wall behind this vignette.I found this large quart Ball jar and added the screw on lid, added some pretty black stones I had gathered and I had a small-scale lamp. I was a young bride and I was pretty proud of myself then.I noticed this past week that the white replacement lampshade was mottled and discolored. I automatically set it aside to go to Lowe’s with the intent of purchasing a new shape. Then it occurred to me, why not try to paint it before I discarded it? I even had the same color chalk paint that I used on the dresser turned family room storage unit that it sits on.I have successfully used chalk paint on wood, metal, and a vintage leather top table so why not give it a try? It was incredibly easy to do. I watered the paint down very lightly, used a regular paint brush and painted it on taking care not to load too much paint on the glued edge.I am really pleased as how the fabric took the paint. Not only does it cover the stains beautifully the finished shade has a lovely velvety look to it.A vintage Ball Perfect Mason jar holds Petoskey stones I gathered over the years.This little trick save me the cost of a new lampshade and even more important it saved me over an hour’s drive to get to the closet home improvement store. It also saved a lampshade from going into the landfill. What a win-win!A repurposed and painted gentleman’s chest in maple wood and sea foam green chalk paint adds a bit of pop to the window wall in our family room as well as needed extra storage. This chest which is adjacent to a bathroom is filled with TP and paper towels!This is one DYI experiment that worked!Small House Homesteader, DonnaShare this:Press ThisTwitterFacebookMoreRelatedCoconut Yogurt – Three Ingredients – Cook FreeIn \”A Home Centered Life\”Front Loader Pedestal MakeoverIn \”A Home Centered Life\”Finding the Courage to Paint my IslandIn \”Homemaking\”This entry was posted in Budget Decorating, Chalk Painting Adventures, Debt-Free living, Homemaking, Repurposed Finds, Self-sufficiency, Simple Living, Sustainability, Uncategorized, Vintage Values. Bookmark the permalink. EditPost navigation ← Finding the Courage to Paint my IslandLeave a ReplyYou are following

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