Small House Garden at a Glance

Small House Garden Collage 2013 jpeg

LOCATION: SW Michigan, USA (just 18 miles inland from Lake Michigan)

USDA HARDINESS ZONE: Zone 5 ½ (changed from a Zone 5 during the last 20 years)


OF SPECIAL NOTE: Monarch Butterfly Garden and National Wildlife Federation Certified Garden

TYPE OF GARDEN: Dry land Garden (planted with dry land plants and natives)

TYPE OF GARDENING STYLE: Originally a traditional agricultural garden carved from Oak Savannah Forest. Now heading towards a permaculture style garden.

SIZE OF GARDEN: 2 ½ acres (of five acres total)

HOURS SPENT IN THE GARDEN: 4 to 6 hours in the spring and fall.


SOIL NOW: Amended sand using homemade compost and bark chips.

SUN/SHADE CONDITIONS: Flat land with mix of sun and shade provided by our majestic large White Oak trees and White Pines.


Turn around bed ad house blue sky

Happy gardening!

Small House / Big Sky Donna

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